How Your Weight Affects Libido?

How Your Weight Affects Libido?

Did you know that your overall health affects your sex drive? Yes, it is. In fact, fat is essential in the production of sex hormones. So if you are on a low-fat

strict diet, you may want to reconsider adding up a fat in your diet. However, if you are consuming too much fat, your sex drive will also get affected and will decrease. There are many ways your weight is affecting your libido, either you are skinny or fat, there is no exception. Below are some of the things you need to check.

1. Thin people are most likely to have sexual anxiety.

Most people especially the young ones want to have thinner bodies but lead them to some eating disorders such as anorexia. People who are in this state are losing their sexual drive due to lack of calories in their body. Worst, they do not want to commit to a relationship with sexual involvement. Try adding more fats in your diet will let you gain a little more weight.

2. Too lean can lead to infertility.

Aside from low sexual desires, leanness can also result in infertility. What happens is that the interaction between the ovaries, hypothalamus, and pituitary gland are being bothered due to the low fat and nutrients received by the body. This leads to low to zero sex drive.

3. Fat women are less likely to get pregnant.

When a woman gains too much weight, she will have a hard time getting pregnant. This is because of the imbalances of hormones in her body. Also, most men find fat women unattractive and due to insecurities, fat women are lacking their sex drive. One of the best things to do is to do some exercise to lose fats and eat more foods that are rich in dietary fibers.

4. Fat men produce warm sperm cell.

A man who has a fatty belly decreases his sex drive due to less mobility. Also, the sperm is getting warmer and unable to produce quality sex that will satisfy him. Big belly is very common to men, but you can trim it down by doing daily sits up.

5. Sexiness in a state of mind which affects the libido.

Whether you are thin or fat, sometimes it doesn’t matter, your state of mind is the one blocking your sex drive. What you need to do is have a proper diet, move some legs, and always stay confident by removing insecurities in your weight. People who are confident in their bodies are most likely to have better and happier sex experience.

When sexual desire dips, there’s no instant way to restore it. Sometimes, eating the right food and changing your lifestyle are the keys to a greater libido increase. However, most people are taking it for granted and focusing on just getting a sexy body or continuously doing their old terrible habits. There are also some who are not aware that their weight can be a hindrance to a healthier sexual relationship with their partner.

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