How to start dating after Divorce

How to start dating after Divorce

Divorce is hard for everyone, it might sound simple, but honestly it’s really hard for the husband and wife most especially to the kids. The decision happens after a husband and wife chose not to live together anymore and that they no longer want to be married to each other. Signing legal papers that make them single again and allow them to marry other people if they want to is part of the decision making they will be going through.

As the saying goes, Change Is inevitable, you cannot change because it’s sure to happen and it will always be part of life. It is a natural thing that if it happens to a family, it is sometimes really hard to deal with. For some couples, it can be a traumatic event.

However, eventually, when both are already moved on, they may decide to enter in a new relationship again and find their happiness to other people. So how can someone bring up the light again to the new chapter? How to start dating again after a rocky marriage?

Starting off on the right foot when you’re just beginning to dip your toes back in dating pool.

Optimism towards love

There’s no perfect relationship in this world, but you can find perfectly imperfect. Never dig yourself to be not happy again because all of us deserve happiness. Love will come to you in a perfect moment and with the right person. When you are in love, you suffer pain, you give so much effort, and you learn also to sacrifice because it is love. Being positive to every circumstance will also help you to go on and live the process of moving on and preparing yourself to another chapter of life you’re going to make should be beyond choice and decision.

Make sure you’re healed before start dating again

Building new relationship won’t work if you still suffering from the pain of yesterday. Moving on and healing all the wounds of the past goes hand in hand. Take your time and don’t rush things. Healthy relationship must be profound with new lessons from the past so that the same mistakes won’t happen again. Undergoing a counselling session would greatlyhelp in your recovery.

Be Patient

Dating is a process. As much as you like and you want to be super efficient and speedy, it’s usually not, nor should it be. There might be an ups and downs or twists and turns during dating. Just be patient and persevere more. Never down the line the positivity. Keep going no matter what.

Dating Village on progress

Dating after divorce is not easy and it will require a group of people surrounded you to keep you going and motivated and inspired. Build your dating village; it can be your family, neighbours, family, workmates or kids. Dating village should be filled with people who support you and will bring you up, instead of bringing you down.

As things go, “Love will come to me— it’s when not if. I’m in it to win it, not in it for a minute.” Meaning you start another journey of building new relationship to be in it forever.

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