Best Sex Games For Couples

Best Sex Games For Couples

How can I make my sex life more thrilling? This thought is always on every couple’s mind. While trying out with different sex position may work, there’s always the urge to finding out more. A sexpert discovered that sex games could help boost bedroom activities for each partner.

Based on the report released in The Sun, Dr. Pam Spurr, a sexpert, she said that sex games are effective for a couple who are searching for ways to bring back the spice in their lovemaking session. These games include:

XXX Marks The Spot

If you’re familiar with ‘guess that number’, this is quite similar with that except it has a spot on your body. You need to think a specific spot in your body and keep it in your mind. The man needs to kiss each part of your body until he guessed it correctly. Well, it depends on you if you want to be honest and say he got the right spot or just allow him to keep solving.

Strip Pong

Have you played beer pong before? If yes, you won’t have a hard time setting up your dining room like that. But this time, don’t include any brew. Assemble six 16-ounces of plastic cups within a triangle shape at either end of the table. Then, get some ping-pong balls. You need to stand on one end of the table, while the other guy at the other one.

When everything’s settled, take turns in trying to shoot a ping-pong ball in the cups right at the opposite end of the table.

As soon as one of you scores, the opponent has to remove a cup as well as a piece of clothing.

Dare or dare?

Ditch the traditional Truth or Dare game. Now is the best time to renovate it and make it Dare or Dare. As what the name implies, a little truth is involved. Dares could be: Kiss me torridly without using hands or other body parts. For 30 minutes, talk dirty to me. Make me cum without using your hands, only your mouth.

It depends on you if you will let him take a turn or you want to keep daring him.

Mystery toy

This sexy game will tease your guy big time. Start by blindfolding him naked in your bed. Use different types of objects to fire up his desires, caressing his penis through a simple feather or a silky thong. Let him try to guess what object you are actually stroking him with. Do not move to another stuff until he gets it properly

It’s significant that you’ll keep things exciting and fun in a relationship. There is a recent research which proved that most participants in long-term relations who are involved in more oral sex, more orgasms and have tried experimenting different sex ideas are highly contented with their love and sexual lives.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you’d know how hard it is to keep the fire burning between you and your partner in bed every single night. But none of the two of you is to blame for this. At times, you just need to try some sex games to keep that sprint of sex alive. Starting with these simple games is not a bad idea at all.

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