What are the Top Gifs Around the World

What are the Top Gifs user look for?

Porn lovers are enamored with porn GIF images. They are not only one of the best things to happen to them, but also the porn industry. Unlike regular porn videos, hentai porn gifs are easier to view, download and share. They typically take up about the same amount of space that a sex image does.

With so many different types of porn GIFS available though, which ones are the most popular? What are the best top GIFS images to look for online? Believe it or not, that often poses a problem for people who look at porn GIFS. That’s because there are so many categories to choose from. You have lesbian GIFS, cum GIFS, MILF GIFS, amateur and hundreds more. In the same way you can find all types of free sex pics covering a wide range of genres, you also find sex gifs.

According to statistics put together by some of the world’s most popular porn sites, there are a few types which lead the way. Even though there are hundreds of different porn GIF categories to choose from, these are the most searched for and viewed. Based on the search terms, users have a thing for lesbian GIF images. It is one of the most popular genres in the world of porn. This not only includes lesbian sex gifs though. That is for any pornography material. If it has lesbians on it, people want to view it. The lesbian GIF images are a favorite for internet users. They can view hot and sexy women having sex in one click. Statistics show that the lesbian GIFS are viewed by heterosexual males. That doesn’t mean women don’t look at GIFS of lesbians as well. On the contrary, women also view a lot of lesbian porn.

Another form of porn which is widely viewed is man on man porn. But, those porn GIFS images are mostly watched by gay men exclusively. One of the most surprising top searched for porn GIFS are those of hentai. This refers to animated Japanese porn. Unlike regular cartoons, the hentai porn or videos are very detailed. They show animated cartoons of sexy and beautiful girls getting fucked from all positions. These animated hentai porn GIFS show the women sucking on huge cocks. Many of the hot girls have huge tits as well.

The next genre when it comes to viewers favorite is MILF gifs. They absolutely go wild and crazy about MILF gif images. The MILF women on these porn GIFS are usually about 25 to 50 years old. They are mature women and people love them. Nothing like seeing a sexy and hot older woman getting fucked in a porn MILF GIF image. Some of the most popular milf GIFS found online are of women showing their huge tits. Who doesn’t want to see mature women who are hot as hell and sexy showing their big boobs? Perhaps one of the reasons so many love milf GIFS is because of the fantasy angle.

Every young person at one time or another had a crush on his or her teacher. Or it could be their best friend’s mother, waitress at a dinner or someone else. The thing is that mature women are everywhere you look. Seeing one that is very sexy and beautiful makes any guy horny. But, since they cannot get to fuck the milf of their dreams, the next best thing is jerking off. That helps explain why milf gif images are widely viewed and searched for. They are also shared on social media platforms and via messages.

The shemale porn genre is another topic which is very popular with men. Straight men seem to enjoy animated porn GIFS featuring shemale porn for a few reasons. It is believed that men would rather see another woman having sex with a shemale, than a man. Man with a woman or woman with woman is okay for some. But, others rather see titillating girls getting banged hard by a shemale. There are may cumshot gifs out there showing whatever kind of cum shot you want. After all, coming is the best part of having sex. The cum gifs cover any situation since viewers just want to see someone getting jizzed on.

BBW which stands for ‘big beautiful woman’ is another popular porn genre. There are millions of porn GIFS of BBW on the web. Many men want to see curvy women getting fucked hard in animated porn GIFS. The porn GIFS of bbw feature porn of chubby girls having sex. Other times they show their big tits or bodies. The BDSM which stands for ‘Bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism’ is another popular genre. A lot of curious people out there search for BDSM porn gifs.

There are some strange or crazy topics individuals search on the web when it comes to porn GIFS. Besides the most popular porn genres, numerous websites have hundreds of other crazy forms of porn. These are for those who want to see something other than milf gifs or lesbian gif images. You have bestiality, defecation and simulated rape among others. But, many of these porn genres are illegal in the USA. In the end, no matter what type of porn you are into, there is no shortage of it online these days. All you have to do is use the search button to find your favorite animated porn GIF!